Thursday, April 7, 2011


Human love is often but the encounter of two weaknesses.
Francois Mauriac

High school relationships are very.... interesting. Sometimes they turn out well and stay together to get married and have a family.
 But usually they fall apart.
I have been in a few myself but as you can tell from my verb tense, they ended. I'm not telling you whether you should or shouldn't, because thats a personal choice but I'll tell you some things I've noticed about them.

Teenagers, girls especially, tend to look at their significant other and think "He/she's SO perfect!" The thing is we all know no one is perfect. But some are either just oblivious to their faults or just ignore them. The problem with this is when you have a conflict all of a sudden you start realizing all these things that this person has issues with. Everyone has their weaknesses so I don't think there's a need to point them out in a way thats rude or judgemental. However when you're in a relationship (or even just a friendship) realizing that the other person has weaknesses and knowing what some of them can help things go a little smoother.
The other side that happens particularly in controlling relationships is when you're not only aware of their weaknesses but you're walking on eggshells doing everything you can to avoid upsetting them.  This seems like a good idea because  then no one gets hurt however if they're not made aware of their problems then they can't get help in that area and the problem only worsens. Confrontting people can be very difficult but when you don't say anything, you're only enabling them and that doesn't help anyone. 

So what can you do, you ask? Well, the way God made relationships is so cool in the fact that He often pairs you with someone who balances you out. Althouigh having oppositee weaknesses can be difficult and frustrating, if you both do your part to be understanding and to keep each other accountable, you can have a great relationship. Recognize their weaknesses and yes even be sensitive to them but remember to help them try to improve as well.
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  1. Oops, I really thought I commented on this before... oh well. I really totally and completely agree with your post. For me, I knew I couldn't handle being in a relationship in my younger teen years. Oddly, my parents didn't really have a "set age" that I couldn't start dating but I set it at 18 for myself. It's scary though because I'm at that age now and I feel like I'm 12. :)
    But you are really right about and right person balancing us out. My friend and I were actually talking about this. Everybody has imperfections but we all deal with those imperfections in different ways. Some are easier to handle. Like for me, I couldn't deal with someone who has anger issues but for someone else, it may be different--they might be able to deal with it better. You get my drift. =]
    Anyways, greeeeeeaaaaaaaat post! =D