Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday Buzz

(Like my alliteration??)
Alright so first things first... you're all wondering what I did for my birthday. I didn't do anything too exciting but I'm map out my day for you.
  • Slept in!!! :)
  • Went into the kitchen to find: 1) Flowers and a note from my brother *gasp* and 2) My mother making blueberry muffins *yummmmm*
  • Lazed around and finished Matilda by Roald Dahl (Which I have to say is one of my favorite books.... I had read once before when I was young but I decided to read it again :) )
  • Got dressed
  • Felt very 16! :)
  • Hung out and went on facebook and blogger
  • Got 48 wall posts, 7 texts, and one phone call wishing me a happy birthday :)
  • Got bored because I was avoiding doing homework...
  • Helped my mom make my favorite food ever : CHOW SE BOWS!!!! (Read: Chinese pork-filled buns of goodness)
  • Went to the store with my dad to pick ice cream (Cookie Dough *yum*)
  • Ate!!!! :)
  • Opened presents
  • Ate Ice cream
  • Went to bed
Wait, I know that next question.... What did I get for my birthday? I will tell you.

Well, back in the fall, I told my parents that I wanted to re-do my room for my birthday because its very purple and cluttered.... So I got :
  • A bedspread ----------> (not my picture)
  • Probably this paint ----------> (We haven't bought yet but we looked at paint chips and this is our favorite)
  • Pop tarts, Peachie-O's, and gum
  • My brother got me flowers. :)
  • Gray TOMS!!!!!!!! :) -------->
My best friend was going to visit me on my birthday but it didn't work out, so she came to see me yesterday. First thing she asked me was if I got Owl City tickets (the 2nd thing on my wish list) and I said no and that I was just planning on buying them myself. She then handed me a card and told me to open it. This is what I found ---------------------->

Oh and Photoshoot pictures coming soon!
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  1. What fun! Sounds like you had a fab-u-lous birthday!!!:) :)

  2. Looks like you had a great birthday (except for the boredom/homework part). =] I kid you not: my walls are the exact same shade!! O.O Did you get that comforter or is it a picture representing that you got one because I LOVE it!!! I love the color combo of green and blue. For college I got a green comforter about the shade of your blog background. :D And I have the most adorable sheets to go with it. Anyways, WOW Owl City tickets!! Too cool! Happy Birthday! <><

  3. It sounds like your birthday was amazing! :D Happy birthday again, and I'm so glad it went well (and YAY for the Owl City ticket!)

  4. That's a beautiful bedspread. Happy Birthday!!! :)

    -- Pearl

  5. Thats one exact one I have I just didn't take I picture of it. I used the picture from the store's online catalog... :)
    Thanks guys!