Friday, April 15, 2011

Awkward - Awesome: Spring Break Edition

So I had my Spring Break last week and I've been meaning to do this several days but.... well I'm a procastinator. So here it is!
  • The kid on the bus who was totally flirting with me...
  • The same kid who had to tell me several times that he was going to California for the Break.... Are you trying to make me jealous? Because it MIGHT be working....
  • People asking me what I was going to do on my Break..... "Well I'm going to be sitting around at home alone on the computer and watching TV. Oh yea, BEST BREAK EVER!!!!" (So I ended up getting to do more than that but thats pretty much what I had planned...)
  • My guy friend who had to text me from California several times to tell me how WARM and SUNNY it was.... So it rained the whole week here.... Does that mean you have to rub it on?!?
  • I tried to find out if the Barn I ride at needed any help.... And waiting the whole day for an answer that never came....
  • Communication breakdowns with parents.... Every teenagers FAVORITE thing!!!
  • Watching Pride and Prejudice with middle schoolers who are whining about the length...
  • Being asked what the scab on my arm is from.... Yes, I picked at a zit but I'm not going to tell you that!!!
  • Having a 6th grader ask me if I'd been using something for my acne...
  • Running out of things to do....
  • Leaving my math homework to the last day, then opening my notebook only to find that I already did it..... No idea when but it was finished.... Way to not procastinate for once!!!
  • Leaving the reading of All Quiet on the Western Front to the last couple days.... and having only 15 pages out of the 6 chapters you had to read left on the first day back.....
  • Having a reading check with one question from those 15 pages I didn't have time for....
  • Almost being driven to a place with one friend and then leaving with another... ( I ended up being driven by my parents..)
  • Having my friends tell me when I should or shouldn't have my birthday party.... (Well.. at least I know they want to be there)
  • Wanting to correct people who try to sing the Friday song because I know almost all the words...
  • Having more awkwards and awesomes but forgetting them because I put it off...
  • Just being on Spring Break....
  • Finally getting my recomendation forms out...
  • Going to my best friend's house and then having her come shopping with us the next day!
  • Finally finding a AH-mazing comforter
  • Watching Pride and Prejudice for the first time!!
  • Going Swing dancing!!!
  • Doing THE best April Fool's joke on one of my friends!
  • Having him tell me that it was the best he'd heard all day... (I wasn't sure if he'd be mad or like... lose all respect for me..)
  • Singing the Friday song to annoy people!!!
  • My mom telling me we're going on an "adventure" that ended up being lunch, a ceramic shop where I painted a jewery tree and shopping!
  • Having cute new clothes to wear all this week! :)
  • Looking at paint colors for my room!
  • Having most my friends tell me the date I want to have my party will work for them!
  • Reading Obsessed by Ted Dekker <3
  • Watching lots of charlieissocoollike videos!
  • Showing my friend charlieissocoollike and getting her hooked, too.
  • Singing with mybff! :)
  • Flipping my hair part and having it make a huge difference!
  • Having 15 amazing followers. <3 :)
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  1. Love it!!!:D awesome awkward and awesome-ness!!!:D

  2. Oooo ditto on the whole flirting thing. Flirting in itself is so awkward! Lol :) Once I had my second cousin flirt with me... when he was drunk. o.O Yeah. And then one time my best friend's second cousin asked her to marry him. Now THAT'S just weird. Majorly.

  3. Oh but for the record, she said (and I quote), "We couldn't be far enough apart [for the genes and stuff] for me to marry you!!!" lol ;) Now she's dating a guy who could beat him up so I don't think he'll be bothering her any time soon!

  4. haha Thats Gross..... I mean I know my cousin is attractive but :P I don't *flirt* with him!