Monday, January 17, 2011

Hair Disorder

I think we all know what its like to have hair days... good, bad and just plain weird... Sometimes I love my hair, other times I hate, and others it...... worries me.
I think my hair may have a disorder.... Yea, a Multiple Personality Disorder...
So on one side its all curly and the other is straight (little bit of a flip on the end but pretty much straight)

The funny thing is..... I think it actually sorta matches my personality...
I'm Creative, Whimisical, Optimistic,  Romantic, and Silly. (Curly side)
But I'm also Practical, Down-to-earth, Responsible, and Trustworthy. (Straight side) I've never had a celebrity crush or believed in Santa, The Easter Bunny, unicorns or fairies.... (Tragic I know... but my parents never liked the whole lying part of those...)
Sometimes it can be difficult to balance these totally different sides, but I know that if were ever to lose one or the other it could be disastrous!
Sometimes I find myself wanting very badly to believe a dream and yet my practical side will not let me do so. Other times I get carried away and wonder how I ever let myself go that far.
I know that God created me this way for reason and it makes me who I am. (Some people only get to be one or the other, not me! I get to be BOTH!)

Whichever one you are (Or maybe you're more MPD like me...) remember God loves you the way you are and you should always......

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  1. Ooooo such a fantastic message!! =D And a great way of explaining it. I totally and completely know what you mean about the hair-MPD... I know your sentiments exactly. I have curly hair (no denying that) in the back of my head. *sigh* The sides can be stick-straight if I don't baby them properly. Oy vey.

  2. Thanks!
    Haha I have naturally straight hair but I got a perm a year and a half ago and so some of it has grown out but it seems the one side Likes being curly.... I usually too lazy to curl my hair and I don't own a straightener... So MPD it is.

  3. lol your hair is cute. :)

    And I think that we are alot alike. Though I hold fast that Santa is really real. ;)


  4. You have cute hair! I have MPD also. :p It can be super straight one day and super-duper curly the next.
    Great message!

  5. Thanks!
    Haha Bleah, you make me smile :)