Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 3: A Favorite Book

So a favorite book...... This just gets harder everyday!

Well I love Erynn Mangum..... and Karen Witemeyer (Both wonderful Christian romance novelists).......buuuuut I have to say my FAVORITE book isssssss...............

Blink Of an Eye by Ted Dekker!!!!!

Blink of an Eye has an incredible mix of Adventure, Romance, Mystery, and Fantasy!!!! 
If you have never read any of Ted Dekker's books..... WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM??!!?!?! Go do it! NOW!
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  1. LOL yes... YES... okay I love yoU! :DDD That is a seriously awesome book. One of my favorite Ted Dekkers. And that means it's pretty high on the least 'cuz Ted Dekker is always my favorite!

    How was Immanuels veins? I haven't read it yet. :(

  2. *gasp* I LOVE ERYNN MANGUM and Blink of an Eye (formerly Blink). :D Awesome choices!!

  3. Haha Bleah.... I knew you would approve ;)
    Immanuels veins was reallllllly good! You should definately check it out!

    May Amelia - Me too!!! THanks!