Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 9: A Photo I Took

I have so many photos... And yes most of them are of myself...but I when I get bored I just start taking pictures.. of me, of nature, of CLOUDS (I absolutely love clouds, especially weird or cool ones :) ) whatever.

I love this picture. I love it because those are my favorite shoes. (And those are orange socks.... totally something I wouldn't normally do...) I love it because thats our garden in the background. I like it because the hose runs right through it. I love it because it was spur of the moment I didn't plan and I didn't have to take a million pictures to get it just right and still not have any turn out. I love it because it expresses me without even showing my face. (Plus feet pictures are just cool.)
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  1. Cute cute!!
    The problem with flats for me is that I end up getting nasty blisters on my heels because they slip off. :( :( :(

  2. THanks :)
    Yea I hate that... These ones are super comfy though. :)