Monday, November 29, 2010

Old Friends= Gold, New Friends=Silver

I thought I'd tell you the wonderful story of how I got started on Blogger. :)
Well it started when I was telling my friend about Owl City's Christmas Song. (I <3 Adam Young!!!)
She told me she couldn't find it online so I decided I had to check it out for myself.
Well there I was googling "Christmas Song Owl City" and unforntunately for my friend I did not find what I was looking for, but I did see something else.
A blog. Mentioning Christmas Song.
So I proceeded reading more of her posts and I started realizing that this girl and I had much in common.
I commented not knowing if she would read it, let alone, reply.
But what do you know! When I checked my blog a little later, she had replied and she was as excited as me to find someone with so much in common.
I have started this blog, because of her. As I said before it was mostly just on impulse, but I'm not regretting yet! :)

Who is this mystery blogger? Meet my new friend, Bleah Briann. Christian and fellow ("HUGE") Owl City fan.
Now I know what some of you are thinking: "Jane Doe, whatever are you doing meeting people on the internet? "She" could be a 40 year old creeper guy, for all you know!"
Yes, yes, I'm very aware of the dangers of the internet, but this is no creeper! Trust me. :)
I believe God sent her in path for a reason and I'm determined to find out what that is! :)

Be Yourself! (And don't talk to creepers online ;) )
~Jane Doe


  1. Jane Doe,
    Since you are getting the full design, I'll have to install it for you (because some of the stuff is really hard), so would you e-mail me at jennaandme[at]gmail[dot]com with your login and password.


  2. AWe....I think... I'm going to cry!!! Oh my goodness... wow *wipes tear* you're so sweet! And you're right... i could be a creeper, but so could you, so I guess we'll have to trust each other huh?
    Thank you Janee for looking up that song (which is on youtube BTW and AWESOME) and looking at my blog, and commenting even if you didn't have much faith in me. ;) Because I do believe that God allowed us to meet for a reason, and its gonna be pretty darn fun figuring out what that is huh? :D

    Much Love my new friend! And for some reason... you feel like an old friend even though I've only known you for about a day an a half... *sigh* who knows!

  3. Hi Jane Doe!!!
    Bleah-Briann told me about you....can't wait to see what else you post about!!!!

    Luv and prayers,

  4. Bleah, Trust. What a great thing!
    Haha Really its my friend we should thank! haha
    YESSSSSSSS! And in the mean time getting to know you will be pretty great too! :)
    I know what you mean!! Don't you just love when you just . . .click with a person??

  5. Your going to hear this twice, but I really like the blog, and yes I do care about the blog, very much actually.

  6. ANOTHER one?! Shesh, girl! Now i gotta follow two!

    See, your new buddy told HER friend about your blog. So shouldn't you be mentioning something about your bestest friend's blog?! Because, you know, she's awesome, and she loves you, and she misses you, and she can't wait to hang out with you soon and now this is a run on sentence.

    Miss you, Gorgeous Awesome :)

  7. Yes, I've been friends with Bleah since May, and trust me- she is one of the awesomest people I know! :) Love her and her randomness and her love for Christ. And don't forget her obsession with Owl City and Switchfoot! :D
    (I <3 Adam Young too!)

    I've read your bio and you sound like a person I'd like to know :) Please post again!


  8. Love you too J.P.!!!!!
    Fine I'll mention your blog SOMEWHERE ;)

    Cool! Thanks for following! :)

  9. Haha don't you just love demanding friends? I can be demanding, and stalker-ish. Perhaps I should tone it down before I run you off huh? :P
    Yes... it awesome when poeple can "click" I think alot of the time it's the little things in common that make that happen. Not like "oh we live in the same state" or "oh we both have crazy aunts" those things help, but I think it's more, "oh, we both put mayo on our hot dogs" and "oh my goodness you take a shower with the light off tooooo?!?!" lol :P Just saying.

    Love you girl!!

  10. Haha Nah its all good! I love being demanding and stalkerish with my friends . . . its like a true sign we're friends!
    Haha Okay so those things are just weird . . .