Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hmmmmm . . .

Ah yes I have started another blog . . . If I can't keep up with one blog how am I going to keep up two, you ask? Well . . . in a classic teen move I acted on impulse. And its really quite an interesting story how I got started on here but I'll safe that for some other time.
Anywhoooooo . . . Perhaps this one will actually get more followers than just my friends . . (Love you guys!)

Well as anyone who follows my other blog knows I like to remind you to  . . .
Be yourself! ~Jane Doe


  1. :) I know lots of people who would follow you! I think blogger might be a bit easier to get followers on then word press... but thats just from my menial experience. :D


  2. Okay, so yes, I will help you out with your blog design... you can go to
    and apply there (you'll be the first one up!)

    Also, to get followers you just go around and follow other people's blogs, and leave lots of comments. But don't ever say 'Hi, I'm new to blogger and I want to get some followers', never do that, it's really annoying and people will never follow you if you do that!

    But you should just leave really sweet comments and people will click on your name and then come to your blog.

    having a cute design will also help a ton!

    wishing you the best of luck,

  3. Haha Megan gives awesome advice doesn't she?! Can't wait to see what your design looks like, I know megan will do a great job!